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System Features

Dexik Loan Master includes all features necessary for a creditor в during maintenance process:

Effective support of front-office operations

Providing employees of financial institution with consolidated and complete view of information related to a customer

Automatic decision making

Ability to fully automate credit scoring and pricing to approve loans in real time mode

Effective communications with clients

Predefined and adjustable set of letters and messages that can be send to a client

Third party integration

Retrieving data from traditional or alternative third-party sources to determine scoring, ratings and prices

Modifying existing loans

Allows to simulate or/and make changes to existing loans

Personal account and user functions

Customers can see their active and previous loans, payment schedules, download files, make payment etc.

Complete package for communication

E-mail, SMS, VoIP etc.

Flexible management of payment

Support for multiple types of payments

Interest rate 

Supports multiple methods of interest charging

Customer service

Integrated window mechanism to request to obtain any service requests

Web and mobile content management

Allows to make changes to the content of web and mobile sites easily

Data validation

Validating data provided by a client (address, contact data, identity numbers, expiration dates etc.)

Multiple loan request channels

Collecting loan request from several sources, including Internet, phones, call centers and other channels

Security and data protection

A set of security means to minimize internal and external frauds


Integration with VOIP solutions for voice calls, recording, call forwarding, voice menu etc.


  • Accounting Management
  • Amortization
  • Schedule
  • Newsletters
  • Debt Management
  • Tax Management
  • Escrow Management
  • Fee Management
  • Loan Processing
  • Multilanguage Support
  • Payoff Processing


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