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Range of possibilities

Loans Maintenance
Easily creating new credit products and to access new markets. Improving the efficiency and minimizing the percentage of “bad” loans. Defining your own credit products (short-term and long-term loans, loans in installments, leasing of equipment, etc.), the permission or freezing loan modifications, the determination of minimum payments, penalties and dozens of other parameters. Product engine allows to use fixed and flexible options. A predefined set of parameters determined for static credit products. Flexible parameters generated in the process are used for pricing and dynamic loan products.

Loans types

It is easy to create different types of loans, including term loans, nonrenewable, liabilities and other.

Interest charging

Accrual of interest can be determined on the first day, the latest, at the beginning or end of the day. Interest can also be credited for the year in the 360, 364, 365, 366 days, or in fact.

Interest rate

Ability to set the base rate (for example, Libor). The compound may be based on the number of days or periods. Ability to set the minimum interest rate, the rate on the expiry, default interest rate.

Payment period

Ability to set the payment period as daily, weekly, bi-weekly, 28-day, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually, maturity, or define your own parameters.

Payment options

Determination of the payment rules to control the threshold value of payments.

Credit transactions and clients
Processing of the basic processes for customers and credit processes. Management and tracking of customers, loans and payments. A complete and detailed overview of customer information, stories, documents, communications and payments. The ability immediately contacts the customer via SMS or e-mail.


  • Fully configurable system components
  • Borrower or co-borrower information needed to be entered only once
  • Easy credit status tracking
  • Checking key borrower information such as address, occupation, income level, banking information with the checklist workflow
  • It is easy to see a list of important credit conditions, for example, the validity of a driver's license, credit rating criteria, bankruptcy history
  • Easy to add new credit programs to its portfolio, without the headaches of additional programming
  • Generation and verification of documents

The ability to create own decision-making process using the different sources of customer data and integrate with external (third) scoring solutions suppliers to configurate and to train system to make the right decisions when collected enough data.

Payments and Remittances
Ability to send money to the bank accounts of your customers, debit card, PayPal account, electronic wallets, etc. The ability to control the results and automatically initiate payment on loans, depending on the circumstances.

Debt Collection
The system allows you to see all the information about unpaid loans or borrowers. Ability to customize the information is displayed allowing you to see how many times the borrower had late payments in the past, terms of late payments, any agreements were imprisoned with him and later executed / unfulfilled.

Notification Center (SMS, e-mail)
Sending automated / scheduled e-mails and text messages to customers. Text messages and e-mail messages can be linked to a specific event in the customer's credit history.

Document and Templates Management
Simple proposals, contracts, loan agreements and other systemic documents management. Adding scanned documents and pictures by capturing them directly from a scanner or camera.

Workflow Management
Workflow management system allows you to optimize processes and ensure that none of the most important steps are not missed in the sequence. In the service sector loans workflow management allows you to automate tasks such as applying for a loan, credit approval, verifications and financing processes. When these problems are considered independently from each other they are time-consuming and prone to human mistake.

Provide verification of key data, like address, occupation, income, account information according to check list. Variables to be checked can be adjusted to match your needs.


  • Automating front-end and bank-end tasks
  • Workflow rules can be defined in graphical UI
  • Cost efficiency
  • Precision
  • Configuration
  • Audit control
Improving solution and tracking key changes. Ability to create custom user reports or use a predefined set of existing useful reports, export data to multiple formats including Excel, Word, PDF, TXT and others for further processing.


  • Flexibility
  • Ability to create custom reports
  • Printing and emailing reports
Ability to send notifications, warnings, news. E-mails could be sent to all users or a group filtered by a criteria like sex, age, language, number of loans, income etc.

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